Looking for puppy toys? We help you out!

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Looking for puppy toys? We help you out!

Similar to human babies, puppies need toys for playing. About 98% of puppies would chew anything present as they try to explore the surrounding. Did you know that you’d have saved your shoes and other valuable objects from destruction by providing them with toys? Between two and ten months of their growth, puppies need to get play toys for quenching their biting instincts. Some puppies enjoy snuggling with softer toys while others tear it into pieces. They get involved in this behavior type due to the painful gums that result from the teething discomfort. We’re going to discuss some of the best toys for your pup and what you should know. Kindly keep reading to get the knowledge.

The relevance of puppy teething toys

Dog development needs appropriate toys, no matter your goal. It could be for taking your pup through teething, enjoyable play, training on good behavior, or other reasons. Toys are excellent for serving as training tools and exercise. Mostly, puppies begin teething at the age of four months, whereby their young teeth are replaced by adult dogs. The transition is painful, resulting in a lot of discomfort, just like in our babies. For this reason, they become obsessed by chewing anything to relieve or at least reduce the pain.

The need for teething toys is soothing as they allow you to impart knowledge of what to chew and what not. Tips for buying such toys could range from size to type. There are various sizes available in the market, depending on your pup’s age. Don’t forget to go through the manufacturer’s guide about size and dog’s age for confirmation. Additionally, it’d be best if you watched over your puppy play. Continuously check the toy to ensure it’s not worn out. Learn to replace immediately you realize it is nearing the endpoint.

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Toy examples

Wondering what some good examples are? Below we listed some for you!

Best teething starter pack

The package comes with treats and puppy toys loaded with a Nylabone chicken flavor, buddy biscuits, cooling chilly bone, treat pods, and a manual for puppy teething guidance. The toys are excellent for reducing gum aches and provide entertainment for chewing. They’re affordable in most leading online and physical stores.

Best for soothing

The Nylabone type for puppy’s key ringbone has various textures and shapes for satisfying a puppy’s chewing urge and entertainment. The textures are created for massaging the gums and teeth cleaning. Most people have shown a liking in this toy type. However, some previous buyers warned that the attached keys can potentially be chewed, leading to damage.

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Small-sized toys

The best example is the KONG puppy binkie, made in the US. It perfectly serves breeds weight around 30 pounds. You can attach it with treats to make it appealing to your pup. It comes in different sizes and colors. While users have recommended it for its squishy and soft feel, others say it wears out easily.

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Teeth cleaning

There are puppy toy choices for cleaning and breathe refreshing. Nylabone dinosaur is the best recommended in the market. It’s meant for puppies having around 25 pounds. Nevertheless, it unintended for violent chewing pups. It contains an enticing chicken flavor and a T-Rex shaped toy design. Many praise it because it’s durable. Some people inform that its chunks can be dangerous as they are likely to be torn and digested by aggressive chewers.


The non-toxic puppy toys are created to imitate six fruits and vegetables. They can be seen as rope toys, which are good for giving your puppy fun and pain relief. They come in different sizes between 2.5 and 8.5 inches. This size is suitable for small pets, but not the medium or large-sized. The cotton material is non-toxic with a hidden squeaker. They’ve been reported for durability due to the tear-resistant material used.

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Petstages puppy toys work by getting the frozen before giving to your pup. They relieve gum pain by cooling it when chewed. On a freezing, the stick cools, becoming crunchy. Furthermore, the toy has several bright colors, ribbons, and streamers for attracting the puppy’s attention and eagerness to chew. However, people say the outer layer wears out easily, meaning it doesn’t stay cold throughout—some like it for being the most powerful when cold.

USA made KONG puppy toy

KONG small puppy toy manufactured in the US is durable and offers fun. It’s smoothly designed for baby dog teeth. It has erratic bounces to make gaming more entertaining when used on the floor, keeping the puppy in chasing mode. It can be filled with peanut butter, kibble, and various other treats to add extra enjoyment. They’re widely loved by puppies, and mist recommended by trainers, canine behaviorists, and vets.

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Starmark Bob- a lot toy

The Bob-A-Lot toy is good as it allows the puppy to play during meals. Its bottom part is ant-slip to better grip, hence no falling off. It also has a dual chamber that can be used for dispensing treats. The playful toy provides your puppy’s mental stimulation for an improved cognitive function and exercise. It’s best used by anxious dogs to help relieve anxiety. Reviewers say it works perfectly on wood floors, carpets, and tiles.

Outward Hound Hide-A-Squirrel

The Outward Hound is exceptional for having a different design in the market. It’s characterized by hidden squirrels. You and the pup can play hide and seek game as you enjoy its soft textures. It’s useful for breaking the boredom and providing cognitive stimulation. These toys have unfortunately been claimed to wear out quickly after some time of use.

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The bottom line

You may be very busy running errands from time and again, but your puppy is always at home. Bored puppies can be a very big challenge. You know how bad they are, right? They’ll end up destroying your house items, including shoes, carpet, furniture, clothes, and utensils. It’s even worse during the days when they’re teething.

You’ll find them going about eating anything everywhere with a thought of calming the gum pain. That’s why, as a good dog owner, you should buy puppy toys to solve these issues. There are different toy types. It’s essential that you understand your dog’s taste and temperament to get the best toy that will serve it for longer. Please refer to the above script for finding the most suitable toy for your puppy.