Puppy teething toys

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Puppy teething toys

Why do you need puppy teething toys? Naturally, puppies are born with a chewing ability to bite anything they come across. When they are around six months of age, they begin teething, and the gums itch. They will need something to soothe their gums. The best option is to get the appropriate teething toys, instead of replacing the urge to bite on your shoes and ankles. You have to learn what toys the puppies gravitate to, or else you will waste your money. Ensure they are interactive and bring the best out of them. The very complicated ones will make it hard for them to comprehend their usage. In this article, we will highlight some of the teething toys that each dog owner should purchase for their pup. Stick around in this blog post.

Different Types of Toys Used During Teething         

 Teething is one of the most active stages of puppies when it comes to chewing. Getting the best toys will help prevent their gums from getting painful sores. They will aid in the general exercise for the jaws and gums. Avoid destruction that comes with pups when they bite on items. Get your pet the ones suitable for their sizes so that they don’t choke or swallow the chunks. The material has to be durable to prevent tearing, and when the toy gets worn out, replace it ASAP. Some of the best toys when it comes to teething in puppies include:

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AKC Puppy Teething Toys

AKC has been one of the longest-serving industries in the manufacture of dog toys. Their set comes with different items that are appropriate for the general breeds of dogs. Some of the collections include: the Kong toy, pods treat, nylabone toy with the additive of chicken, and chilly bone. The items in the kit will provide soothing of the gums. They will take the pup in the healing process without hurting their dental formula. Teething is usually irritating, and the only option is to have a rough but gentle surface for the dog to chew. They are rated an approximate five stars due to their effectiveness. They are said to be costly but worth every penny spent.

Nylabone Key Ring Bone for Puppies

Nylabone keyrings are known for their effectiveness in interacting with the puppy. They massage and soothe the gums of the puppies when they bite on them, making the puppy have a less itchy feeling during molars growth. The rings aligned in keys offer different surfaces of roughness. The texture on the upper layer is suitable for the massages depending on the pain the dog feels. They are attractive, and this makes them appealing for most puppies. They also help to maintain dental hygiene on the teeth.  The shapes are essential in ensuring that the dog doesn’t swallow the whole junk. The material is durable and can help to minimize the itching effect when used effectively. The only disadvantage comes when the dog plucks the keys and swallow. This swallowing is detrimental to the internal organs, which are still delicate. Ensure guidance in the usage of this toy before losing the pup altogether.

puppy teething toys

A Dinosaur Nylabone Chewing Toy Used For Teething

Dinosaur puppy teething toys is essential for overall dental hygiene maintenance. General cleanliness and disinfection of this type of gadget are recommended. They are soft, and the dogs which bite and chew aggressively should not use this toy. It is only suitable for the ones that are teething and bite softly. It has a chicken flavour that attracts most puppies. They effectively soothe and massage the gums without causing sores due to its softness. It is exciting, and the pups love its shape because of the overall chewing outcome. It is a multi-purpose toy because a puppy can play with it and, at the same time, eat on the surface. The durability of the material provides long-lasting service. The only challenge comes from the soft nature that renders it smooth, and the pup can chew it, causing severe internal damage of the delicate stomach for the puppy.

NWK freezable toy for cooling during teething

NWK is a toy appropriate for the dog that chews aggressively. The texture is rough and can be frozen to help in cooling the severe sores. When a dog chews relentlessly, they experience some burning sensation, which can be is cooled off by the freezing effect of this toy. It is safe with the less toxic substances and approved by the regulatory body of standards. The water is pure free from contamination, having fewer side effects on the dog. Consumers praise the material regarding its durability that stems from the withstanding heaviest bites. It can be recycled on other dogs if need be. It’s priced at ten dollars but worth every penny.

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KONG Puppy Binkies       

KONG Binkies puppy teething toys is a toy that is appropriate for small puppies. The pups are supposed to weigh thirty-five pounds and below that have experienced fewer effects when it comes to teething. They are made in different sizes to fit the specifications for your dog. The colours are appropriate for the dogs depending on their gender. The blue one suits the best for the male puppy, and the pink one is appropriate for the female dog. You can choose the colours based on the ability to match the pooch. They have a very soft texture that is prone to tearing because of the squishy feeling. This smooth texture is a significant disadvantage because the quality is compromised when it comes to durability. They cost eight dollars, which is favourable but still expensive. They soothe the teeth and massage the gums. They are not reusable; thus, be discarded after three days.

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 The Bottom Line   

Puppy teething toys should offer the maximum gentleness when it comes to massage and soothing effect. Ensure that you choose the ones they gravitate to, or else the money will be a waste. This article has covered some of the toys that are good and can withstand even massive bites. The toy should be proven reliable for usage on the gums before purchasing.

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