How to get a dog to stop barking?

How to get a dog to stop barking?

Nobody expects a dog not to bark. That’s unthoughtful as waiting for a kid not to walk. Is it possible? No. Have you ever ask yourself why dogs bark? Well, there must be reasons why. Barking is communication to alarm different things depending on the situations. Usually, dogs bark excessively when animals or strange persons approach the compound. Excessive barking doesn’t happen in a dog’s territory alone. Sometimes, when objects or noise catches, the dog’s attention can trigger excessive barking. Just as human beings, a dog can feel bored when left alone in the compound and start barking due to unhappiness. Barking doesn’t just mean dog’s hungriness. Sometimes they bark to express happiness; they are usually accompanied by tails wag. A dog can develop separation anxiety that’ll trigger excessive barking. They sometimes show other symptoms such as depression. Don’t be surprised that dogs too compete with fellow dogs. Sometimes they may want to hear the loudness of their voices. Here are on how to stop dogs from barking.


Observe your dog while it barks. What does it yell at? Often, it might be an abnormal fear. In this situation, you need to reduce its anxiety to whichever the stimulus. For instance, if it barks when it sees kids riding bicycles, walk towards them with your dog. Talk to them with comforting tones. Doing this enables your dog to comprehend.

Furthermore, you can use friendly gesture to the riders such as waving. You’re doing this for the dog to know them. In the end, the dog will understand that soothing is better than barking.

how to get a dog to stop barking

Use commands

Many dogs are used to commands. We have several ways to treat barking using controls. For example, you can shout at it telling it to stop barking! Don’t leave at that point. It may halt but continue crying after sometimes. Be patient until your dog relaxes.

Furthermore, you can train your dog to bark on commands. Teach your dog to speak, when it does, reward it with a treat. Over time, it will get used to command barking without a gift. Keep on reinforcing the quiet behavioural with treats until you’ll no longer need treating.

Don’t deliver frustrations.

Continuous barking is irritating; however, frustrations and punishment won’t work. A dog can mimic your failures, causing more barking. So, take time and culminate your anger before stopping a dog from barking.    

stop continuously dog barking

Eliminating causatives

Are backyard’s squirrels the cause of excessive barking?  And their population is high in your compound? It’s not recommendable squirrel’s local population, however, can eliminate optical stimulus. Eliminating squirrel’s views will culminate the barking. Another tricky task is to stop your dog from barking at sounds. If it dislikes children sounds you can cover up with soothing music. You can turn the radio on to cut off outside noises. Doing this will make your dog quiet and calm. If barking results from vehicles you’ll have to migrate the dog’s niche.

Use anti-stress devices

Several items are marketed precisely to eliminate stress and loneliness in dogs. Experts neither use pheromone technology or a mixture of herbs that reduce anxiety. Anxiety wraps are helpful too with a dog that undergoes tension. Different industries sell them. Furthermore, they’re available online and in pet stores.

Moreover, some include principles of acupressure in their products for extra de-stress. Note that you can site areas for dog’s shelter with lots of beds and enough water. This step makes it feel safe and secure. Besides, provide a piece of calming music as an anti-stress mechanism.

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Eliminate boredom

Does your dog bark when you’re leaving the compound? Then it means that you’ll need to keep it busy. Look for companionship that’ll chip it out from loneliness. Bring another dog in your compound to enhance friendship. But the barking may continue due to boredom, forcing you to hire someone to walk or play with your dog. Providing activities to your dog at day time can also be helpful. Take your dog to daycare for at least three to four days weakly or provide training alternatives. Dog toys help in keeping the dog entertained in your absence. Consider in getting one for your dog

get dog to stop barking

Use bark-collar products.         

There are many products marketed that are capable of stopping barking. Remember, this collar only delivers corrections but doesn’t have effects on dogs.  Additionally, there’s a shock collar which is having a severe impact on dogs, they provide pain but makes the dog aggressive, more so when they associate barking stimulus. Furthermore, you can emit noise just when the dog starts barking. This aspect is essential when your dog barks in a specific area. Can also spray water at your dog; however, it may run away and yell at will. 

Employ experts

Dog experts can also be employed to monitor dog behaviours. Dog experts are available. You only need to pick out whoever suits your situation. Dogs can be trained daily or weekly. Whichever the case, they’ll give you relevant instructions and techniques to reinforce the dog’s calmness.

Bottom line

Stopping barking behaviours isn’t an easy task. Many have tried to their bit but didn’t succeed. It’s not easy to understand why your dog yells. Different barks have different meaning depending on the situations. Don’t rush and shout to your dog because of the barking. Barking can be a mean of expressing important information to you. Don’t intimidate or use harsh techniques to cut off barking. Use commands in your reinforcements. Some dogs are used to command hence can tell them to stop barking and reward them with a treat. Try collar barks products to alleviate barking behaviours. These products don’t have effects on the dog’s health. Barking behaviours are healthy just as babies are interested in walking. I’ve highlighted these tips many have tried and succeeded.               

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