Make your dog happy, 3 easy tips for a happier dog

Make your dog happy, 3 easy tips for a happier dog

Someyimes you probably wonder, how can I make my dog happy. As Dogsums main goal is a happier and better life for your dog we made a list with 3 tips for a happier dog. Hopefully this list has the tips you were looking for. These tips are about health and fun things to do with your dog.

1. Provide a good shelter.

Does a dog really values a nice shelter or dog bed? YES. For a dog it can feel like it’s own space. Besides that it keeps your dog warm. If your dogs lies on the floor it is colder. Keeping your dog warm at night supports arthritic joints, and prevent calluses.

Make sure the dog bed is big enough. Otherwise your dog won’t feel comfortable in it. What are the options?

  • Flat dog mats or pads, these are cheap and small. You could easily tidy it up in a closet if you don’t have a lot of space.
  • Nesting beds, these are great for smaller dogs. Your dog can comfortably lay in it.
  • Bolster dog bed, these look more like a bed. These are also great for bigger dogs. But this obviously depends on the size of the bed.

Besides a good shelter, also make sure their place is clean. Clean it up every now and then. Besides the fact that your dog will like it more, their fur won’t start smelling too bad. This is an easy thing you can do to make your dog happy!

How to make your dog happy

2. Play with your dog.

This one seems obvious, but what type of playing do dogs like the most? There are a lot of things you could do. And how often? Most of the likes to play on a daily basis. But this also depends on the breed, some dogs don’t need that much of activity. Do you want to know what good toys are to make your dog happy? Read our blog about dog toys.

Flirt pole, this might be one of the best ones for small dogs with a lot of energy. It is a long pole with a rope and something on the end. This is an easy to play with your dog.

Go jogging or cycling, if your dog has a lot of energy and you like jogging or cycling it is a good option to do it with your dog. Jogging is a bit easier. If you go cycling with your dog you have to make sure he does not pull you of your bike. You can also get handy tools you can put on your bike to make it a bit easier.

Dog puzzles, if you don’t always have the time to go outside with your dog you can get a dog puzzle. How does this work? There are for example balls you put small cookies in. If they roll this ball around the cookies will come out eventually. Dogs really like these toys. Besides that it is al lot of fun to watch your dog play such a toy.

tips for a happier dog

Fetch a ball or frisbee, dogs really like this type of activity. Besides that it’s a lot fun to make your dog chase the ball and bring it back. Your dog can run around and search. Things they love to do.

How much exercise does my dog need?

Are you not sure if your exercises enough with your dog? Just look at it’s behaviour. Is your dog sleeping all day long after playing of a walk? It was probably a little too much. If he comes up to you again and again while playing fetch, throw it some more. If he takes a short nap after playing, you probably found the right amount of activity for your friend!

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3. Keep your dog healthy.

A healthy dog is a happy dog, isn’t it? But what can you do to make sure your dog stays healthy. There are a few things you can do.

  • Make sure your dog gets proper nutrition. Make sure your dog gets the right food and the right amount of food. The nutritions dogs need difference between every breed and age. So make sure you do some research on what your dog needs, then start looking for the right food. Also make sure they have enough clean water. A healthy weight is one of the most important things for your four-legged friend.
  • Activity, this one comes in line with the previous one. Besides the fact that your dog loves to exercise, it’s also very healthy for your dog. How much activity your dog needs depends on the breed. Too little is not good, but too much isn’t good either. Find the right spot for your dog.
  • Preventative medications, make sure your dog gets the right vaccinations in time. When you visit the vets to get this done you could also plan a check up. If something isn’t right you will find out and hopefully you’re there on time.

This isn’t a guarantee that your dog will stay healthy. But it is a good start!

These three tips alone are not enough. You also have to give your dog the right amount of attention and affection. Make sure your dog is under control

Here are a few simple tips you can follow to make your dog feel happy. Do you have another amazing tip you want to share with everyone else? Leave in the comments, we would really like to hear it.

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