Puppy blankets, we listed the best ones for you!

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Puppy blankets, we listed the best ones for you!

Would you like to give your pets a nice treat? One way of doing that is buying the needed accessories to improve their comfort. Dogs also enjoy sleeping on a comfy bed and cuddling inside a warm blanket at night. You’ve probably observed them make use of any coverage they find around the home. Did you know some blankets are meant explicitly for dogs? If not, then it would be better that you know now. There are several of them that you can buy for your pet, especially a susceptible puppy.  

What Makes an Ideal Puppy Blanket? 

First, before you decide which blanket to purchase, knowing what to look for is vital. Some significant features to consider include:

  • Material. This determines its softness or roughness. Most are made from Polyester, fleece, or Sherpa. These should be of high-quality and long-lasting.
  • Function. Your dogs need blankets for two significant reasons; comfort and protection. Durable ones made from microfiber are designed for security, while those for coziness are softer.
  • Size. Your dog’s size and habits can determine this. If he likes burrowing and puffing, a larger blanket is needed compared to one who sits on it. Likewise, a smaller pup may not require more material as a bigger one.  
  • Density. This is dictated by the temperature and puppy breed. A thick blanket will be best for cold nights and short-haired pups while a thin one will do better for hairy dogs and during warm nights.
  • Water-resistance. Since pets are prone to accidents that may mess up your furniture or car’s seat, a waterproof blanket can help. 
  • Easy cleaning. Just like your blankets, puppy coverlets will also need regular washing. The fabric should be simple to clean, if possible, machine washable. A better option would be one with washing instructions.
  • Color, pattern, or design. There are numerous colors and patterns you can choose from depending on your interest and the dog’s attitude. Some pups are comfortable with bright-colored clothes with drawings while others fright on seeing such. Certain designs can also match your home décor. The ultimate judge will be the puppy, so find out what’s pleasant for him before picking on a particular-decorated coverlet. 

Best Puppy Blankets 

So, what kinds of blankets will suit your pup’s needs? Several sheets can do that as long as they meet the above considerations. Of course, it’s challenging to peruse through the pet stores looking for top puppy blankets. That’s why the list below can help you discern which ones to choose. It’s an assortment of some of the best puppy blankets you can opt for.

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PetFusion Premium Reversible Dog & Cat Blanket 

petfusion premium pet dog blanket

This super-soft, 100% polyester micro-plush blanket can provide the smooth cuddling and comfort puppies enjoy together with the right amount of warmth. It also consists of an elegant in-seam and dense, luxurious fibers that resist shading. It’s available in four sizes, meaning you can’t miss one for a puppy. Further, it helps to safeguard your furniture and car seats from damage.

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PetAmi’s Waterproof Dog Blanket

petami big pet blanket

This is a top-rated pet blanket suitable for indoor and outdoor use as its microfiber material is robust and 100% waterproof. It’s designed for large dog breeds and can be found in three sizes. Though pricey, it’s worth the value. The fabric is two-sided; one side has a warm Sherpa material, and the other is a soft fleece. You can machine wash it, and lots of color choices are available.

PAWZ Road’s Pet Dog Blanket 

Pawz cute dog blanket

Apart from being cute and comfy, it’s very affordable. Soft, thick, and having a pill-resistant material, it can resist shedding and pilling. PAWZ is made of 100% double-sided coral velvet fabrics, which are soft and very lavish. It’s presented in three sizes and three various colors.

Petsloveit 4-Pack Puppy Blanket 

petsloveit pet blanket

As the name suggests, this blanket is designed to make your little friend love it. It offers a cozy feeling suitable for puppies like Bichon, Papillon, Yorkshire terrier, and Chihuahua, among other small ones. Its lightweight nature suits outdoor activities as you can fold or roll it easily. It’s a combination of light, medium, and dark blue, red, or black colors. And, it’s made by double-sided fleece. The blanket is fully machine washable and retains durability even after a long time.

PETMAKER Waterproof Pet Blanket 

waterproof petmaker puppy blanket

This blanket is an ideal choice to consider; water-resistant, soft plush throw, and versatile. The inner lining offers additional defense against stains and damage. With smooth plush on one side and furry Sherpa on the other, your puppy will love to snuggle up on this comfy, warm blanket. It’s simple to clean and care for; it only needs machine washing and tumble drying.

Msicyness Puppy Blanket

Msicyness puppy blanket

This is 100% polyester, ultra-soft and warm premium fleece fluffy blanket. It protects furniture from chewing, fur, shedding, and scratching while maintaining your pup’s comfort. It’s also great for car seats, dog crates, kennels, and mats lining. You can use a washer to clean and still maintain its high-quality construction.

Furrybaby Premium Fluffy Fleece Dog Blanket  

furrybaby puppy blanket

This is one of the top thick blankets suitable for small-sized dogs. It’s made of environmental- friendly thick silky cozy fleece and is entirely Polyester. It guards furniture against damage by scratching or spills and keeps the couch from dirt. A never fade, washer possible, and tumble dry blanket you can use for several years.

Mambe Pet Blanket 

mambe pet blanket

Although it’s waterproof, it has a plush fleece that doesn’t scrunch as your puppy walks on it. It’s quite expensive but still stands to be among the best dog blanket to use at home. It has a soft microfiber on both sides with an in-built rubber membrane to prevent liquids from soaking through. Besides, it’s available in four sizes, different colors, varying patterns, and is machine washable and dryer safe.  

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The Bottom Line

Everyone in the household, including pets, deserves care and affection. They make life enjoyable; thus, we need to repay them kindly. A blanket is one thing that a pet owner can buy for his adorable friend to prove that. Don’t let their high number in the market limit your decision to acquire one for your puppy. This blog can still help you to make a perfect choice; feel free to review it!