Products for dogs with long hair

Products for dogs with long hair

Caring for short-haired dogs can be quite easy as compared to long-haired ones. Does that mean that it’s impossible to take proper care of your buddy? Not, especially if love your pet dearly. Dogs require regular maintenance like grooming, bathing, brushing, and nail trimming. Doing so might be challenging for many owners, but with appropriate guidance from a professional, anyone can succeed. First, though, let’s discuss what might have attracted you to this blog; products for dogs with long hair. Read on to discover some of the essential products you can use, whether on Maltese, Terrier, or any other.

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Bathing Products  

Regular bathing is crucial as dirt and trash can cause knots and affect a dog’s coat. This should be done once per month to prevent the risk of drying out the skin unless the animal has a health issue. Using a top-notch dog shampoo that’s soap-free can help leave the pet sparkling clean. Best shampoos are natural specialties with essential oils and are non-toxic, concentrated, and eco-friendly. Such ones, like TropiClean luxury papaya and coconut pet shampoo, can be found on Amazon.

After-bath products like high-quality dog conditioners containing specialty ingredients can also be used to ensure a silky coat free of tangles. Some experts prefer the EZ Shed Conditioner for pets also available on Amazon for double-coated long-haired breeds since it breaks up surplus hair, minimizing future shedding. Bathing and grooming gloves can give a massage and an extra de-shedding benefit during cleaning. Some people also like using bathtubs specially designed for pets

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Brushing and Grooming Products

These dog types require regular, better still daily brushing using a high-quality comb or brush suitable, and that works smoothly with their specific hair and coat. A few minutes of such a routine can help keep the pet mat-free and encourage a fantastic appeal. For pets with curly hair that easily knots, a pin brush is recommended for use while he’s still wet. You can add a detangler or conditioner to make the brush slide through tangles and avoid matting. An appropriate comb such as Christensen Buttercomb glides silkily through coats without pulling out fur. Below is a breakdown of some essential items under this category:

  • De-shedding brushes. These can help minimize shedding. With the removal of so much hair, your home will be free from spread-out hair, making it easy to clean. The brushes also help to save money that you could spend at groomers for consistent haircuts. The shininess of coats that results from using these tools is impressive. Working with them is also efficient and time-saving; you need only a few minutes to see a positive effect. The many available choices are Dakpets de-shedding & light trimming tool and Happydogz magic tool, both able to reduce shedding by up to 95 percent.
  • De-matting combsTwo major ones include; – Safari dog and Gopets de-matting combs. The Safari dog comb is a small tool designed specifically for the comfort of dogs with long hairs. The handle is smooth to enable ease of grasp, and the blades are made in a way to prevent injury to the dog’s skin. Following the company’s usage instructions can result in calm grooming. Finally, the tool is ideal for both left-handed and right-handed individuals. The Gopets comb is perfect for large, long-haired dogs as it contains numerous teeth and a big head. It’s also filled with several steel blades to cut through the tangles, and the small size allows it to de-mat properly. 
  • De-tanglers.  If you visit Amazon, you’ll find TropiClean Tangle Remover or Cowboy Magic De-tangler & Shine, two of the best in this category. The TropiClean is a spray to use with the above combs or brushes. It has no-rinse formula; you only have to mist and rub it in the coat to eliminate tangles and leave it shiny. It’s advisable to use the spray on clean skin. Using it reduces the time you spend brushing the pet by 50% and has no harmful effects. The Cowboy Magic is a perfect choice for knot removal and fur smoothening. It contains a smooth protein, which causes an intense shine after brushing. It will leave the long-haired dogs’ coats nice-looking, silky, and detangled. 
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Other Products

These might include items that can be applied for both long-haired and short-haired dogs. Parts like nails, face, or paws also need attention, and that’s where this category of products comes in; you wouldn’t love a dog’s coat to look neat but other minor parts disastrous.

  • Scissors. A pair of shears can be appropriate for a patient fellow, but those impatient require smaller scissors with a ball-tip for face and ear trimming. They can also be used to trim hair in-between the toes, hygienic parts, and those that fall in front of the eyes. This work should be left for professionals unless it’s urgent. 
  • Nail trimmers and clippers. Some dogs skirmish when you attempt a clipper on their nails. If yours doesn’t, then don’t miss this set of products. Look for an appropriate one for your pet’s nails and with a non-slip grip. A safari professional nail trimmer allows a one-clip nail cut making the procedure fast and straightforward. You can also opt for a nail groomer like filing tool instead of a cutting one. 
  • Hairdryer. Dog experts discourage letting your pet air-dry after a bath. They say it can prompt matted fur, lead to yeast infections, and skin irritations. That’s why you need a hairdryer to prevent such occurrences. 
  • Grooming wipes. They are ideal for cleaning dirty paws, bottoms, and wrinkles to keep the face free from saliva, food remains, or eye boogers. They are also a great way to freshen up your pup in-between bath times and keep anything he steps on outside out of the house. 

The Bottom Line

If you love playing with dogs’ furry skin, you probably have realized how delicate it can be, especially for our fuzzy friends. It’s essential to ensure your pooch is adequately taken care of physically and health-wise. If possible, why not acquire a collection of the above products for long-haired dogs? You can always check them out on Amazon. That way, everyone will enjoy a wonderful experience.  

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