Why dogs run away, and what to do about it.

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Why dogs run away, and what to do about it.

Ever thought why your dog runs away from you? It’s devastating to hear and read stories of how dogs ran away, some disappearing away never to come back. There are posts on Facebook pages and poles in neighbourhood buzzing with frantic messages. This is a dangerous habit as your dog might get hit or stolen. However, some dogs run for fun, and this should not worry you. Take it as a form of exercise. There are various reasons why dogs run away. It’s essential to know them to protect your pet from getting out of your sight. Below are the common reasons why you may run from home:

Running away because of boredom and loneliness.

Dogs are social too, just like people. Lack of attention makes your dog bored and feel isolated. Lacking mental and physical engagement leaves your dog with the urge to move out and seek amusement. To avoid this, pay close attention to your dog. Start your day with a walk with your dog, making it feel engaged. Morning exercise will calm your dog and set it to relax when you leave the house. Entertain your dog spending some quality time with it playing in the yard and on the couch when at home., furthermore, consider getting dog toys for your dog to keep it glued and busy, especially when running your errands.

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On the chase

Chasing prey is a dog’s natural instinct which can quickly happen if your hunter spots a squirrel or any other small prey making its way through your yard. In case you have a little hunter at home, be extra diligent in making sure there are no accessible escape routes for him. If it becomes a problem that you can’t control, you may need to enlist the help of a behaviourist or trainer. Therefore, supervise your dog by giving it something to do and improve your fencing to prevent yours from running after preys.


Dogs too can perceive any sign of danger. Every dog, even the most well-behaved one, will try to run when scared enough. Just like a human, a dog will run when they sense anything that tries to scare them. Frightening sounds like a thunderstorm, bright light, and big crowds can frighten even the happiest. They may leap through windows, burst through screen doors or even jump over high fences. To prevent your dog from running such times, consider doing the following;

  • secure your dog with well-fitted collar and leash. This prevents your dog from backing out whenever they hear frightening sounds or bright light.
  • Creating a safe place for your dog at home. During heavy raining seasons, dogs should be kept closed in their crates or rooms with fitted door to prevent them from running in case of thunderstorms and lightning.
  • Additionally, try a thunder shirt or calming device. This calming device soothes your dog during frightening moments.
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Easy escape routes

Any dog, if given a slight chance, will run maybe for fun. They are built to roam. Your canine kid will jet out of an open window, doors, or open gates if they are not supervised. This explains why there are sis many dogs roaming int neighbourhood and cities. Furthermore, the majority area curious and want to explore. Therefore, to keep your dog at home, seal all the possible escape routes including; closing all doors and windows, ensuring secured screens or security bars on your windows, periodically checking the fence for holes and weak spots. Additionally, supervise your dog on the yard at all times.

Nature calls

Nature calls include looking for a mate. This trait is common in male dogs. A male dog is particularly guilty in roaming around the neighbourhood looking for love. When a male dog smells the presence of a female dog, it will try to run out home to meet its mate. Similarly, a female dog on heat will also run from home in search of a male dog to cool its desire. To stop this problem, one can neuter his male dog or spay a female dog. 

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Weather and catastrophic events

It’s not known what will happen in the next minutes. Catastrophic events such as hurricanes, fires, earthquakes, and tornados can cause unthinkable damage to nature in case they occur. Dogs are said to run and disappear during such times. Taking precautions ahead of such events to protect dogs is a wise step. When living in areas with historical facts, including the above named, it’s advisable to create safe space for your dog to protect it from the adverse effect of these catastrophic events.

Moving to a new home

Have you moved to a new home recently? This will tell why your dog runs away. Change of environment is also a reason for a dog to run away. Dogs can remember their living settings, and when changed, they will run trying to find their old homes. Moving to a new home will take a longer time for your pooch to adjust to the new life and settles. Therefore, moving into a new home does not only affect you but your dog too. It needs close attention to fit into the new home more than you do.

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Separation anxiety

Dog have a harder time accepting the fact that you are leaving them alone in the house when you leave. This can be stressful to them and, even before you reach your gate, it comes right ahead of you to go. Moreover, when you are coming back home, your pooch will run to meet you at the door, dangling in your, an indication of happiness after a long day of separation. This habit has never found its possible solution since nothing can stop your dog from running towards you when leaving or coming back home.

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Now that we know why dogs run from home, how can we prevent them? Study shows that the key to preventing your dog from exhibiting such behaviour is training. Train your dog to follow specific commands, creating a bond between the two of you. This eases the control stress and also builds up the courage of your pet withstand trying moments.

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