Dog behavior: things dogs do and why they do it

Dog behavior: things dogs do and why they do it

If you have a dog they probably have some weird dog behavior that make you wonder why they do that. Your not the only one so we decided to figure some of them out and we will explain you why they do it. Want to more about dog behavior? Check out our dog behavior page.

1. Licking the floor or anything else.

This seems pretty innocent, and often it is. It especially looks funny in my opinion. Let’s start of with one of the most innocent reasons, they simply want your attention. They start licking the floor, you think it’s weird so you tell your dog to stop. Now he reached his goal, your attention. This way this behavior can actualy turn into a obsession. Before you can decide if it is an obsession you need to know if your dog also performs this behavior when he is alone. If you figured out your dog only does it to get your attention, simply ignore him when he starts licking anything. Make sure he does not get the attention he is looking for. You could also leave the room to completely ignore this behavior.

If your dog does it to get your attention it is pretty innocent. But it could also indicate medical issues. Your dog might be licking the floor because of a diet deficiency, nausea or something more serious, such as Cushing’s disease. So if you’re not sure about what it is, you may consired a trip to vet to make sure nothing is seriously wrong.

2. Constantly staring at you.

If your dog is constantly staring at you, you might think what he could be thinking about. There could be a lot of reasons why your dog is staring at you. For example if you give him a cookie or go for a walk when you do certain things your dog probaly knows this, and this is the reason he is staring at you. But what if you’re just sitting on the couch and your dog is constantly staring at you?

A Japanse study has shown that there is a link between this kind of eye contact and a higher level of oxytocin. This hormone influences the way we show connectedness.

The right answer on why your dog is staring at you is one you can problaby answer the best yourself. There are more reasons why dogs do this. It depends heavily on the context. Is he staring at you when you lay on the couch, it’s probably affection.

3. Chasing it’s own tail.

This is probably one of the most well known weird things dogs do. Why is a dog chasing it’s own tail? The answer is pretty straight forward. If a dog has too much energy left, chasing it’s tail is a way to “play”. So if your dog is doing this a lot, maybe take it for a longer walk or throw an extra ball away?

4. Running around house or your garden like crazy

This seems funny and innocent, but is it? Is has to do with one of the four Coping mechanisms.:

  • Fight
  • Flight
  • Fiddle
  • Freeze

The Coping mechanisms show your is in a situation that causes a lot of stress. Does that mean it’s bad for your dog? No it doesn’t. Just as humans dogs sometimes need an outlet as well. It simply means he is a bit overstimulated or stressed for the moment.

weird dog behavior

5. Taking food to another place.

You probably know this one as no other. You give your dog some food you got him and the first your dog does is running away with it to somewhere else. But why do they do it? There is an easy explanation for this dog behavior. It comes from the dogs ancestors, wolves. When wolves went hunting and catched some food they took a part away to a calm place to prevent the alpha male from taking their food. Although dogs are not in a pack anymore for a long time, it seems to be something dogs still do.

6. Eating grass.

Eating grass is not very strange dog behavior and nothing to worry about. There a multiple reasons why dogs do it. The first reason is simply because they like it. It is possible that your dog just likes the taste of grass. For him eating grass is like eating vegetables for us.

The second reason why dogs eat grass is instinctively. If they ate something wrong and their stomach is upset they eat grass to throw up later and get rid of the wrong thing they ate earlier.

Want to read more about why dogs eat grass? We have an in depth blog about why your dog is eating grass, if it’s bad and what you can do about it.

7. Shaking during sleep.

Just like people dogs dream aswell. Usually the shaking is very innocent. They could for example be dreaming about chasing their favorite toy or running around. If this is the case there is no need to worry about it!

Shaking could also indicate pain. But if this is the case your dog will be shaking when awake as well. If your dog does show this type of shaking it might be a good idea to contact your veterinarian.

8. Eating poop

Yes, some dogs do it. Eating poop, but why do dogs have this weird behavior? We start of with a few facts:

  • Eating poop of herbivores is actually normal behavior.
  • If pups had little incentives in a kennel.
  • The smell is attractive.
  • The defecation of dogs that eat canned food often contain leftovers of flavor enhancers, so it tasts good for dogs.

What can you do about it? One of the possible reasons is malnutrition. This does not directly mean you give your dog to less food. But maybe you should check if the food you give him contains the right things for your dog.

Another easy way to fix this is to walk your dog on a leash. This way you can correct him easily. After a while it should be clear for your dog that this behavior is not right.

Do you want to know more about why dogs eat poop and what to do about? We wrote an in depth article that covers everything!

9. Doing circles before lying down.

Before your dog lies down in his dog bed he is probably turning in some circles to find the perfect spot. Some say that is the reason why dogs do it. But there are some wildlife enthusiasts that believe different. They say that this dog behavior descends from wolves. Wolves do this because they sleep with their noses to the wind. That way they can pick up on a threatening scent. Circling allows wolves to determine the direction of the wind and position themselfs in the best way. This way they can smell danger coming and they are alerted for a potential attack.

Although dogs are most of the times pets that have a safe spot in our homes to sleep, it is something they still do.

10. Barking when you leave.

Dogs are pack animals, so they don’t like being alone. If you leave or leave your dog alone for a longer period of time they can become bored or sad. That is when they start barking. If you leave your house and dog starts barking this probably means they don’t like you leaving. This of course is a bit of pain in the ass if you have neighbours near your house that hear your dog barking. It is the best to just leave your dog bark, but this could take some time. Studies has shown dogs do not get tired of barking necessarily.

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